Le jus d’Orange

This blogger has great receipts and photograph of the food.  There is one post that talked about ginger ice cream.  The blogger not only talked about how to make ginger ice cream but also his hate to love story of ginger.  It is a great strategy of writing food blogs because people can get to know you from the food you like.  Great blog, I have attached the link to that blog, you guys should check it out.



North End Exploration

I have been to many seafood restaurants,  such as summer shack, the daily catch, but have never been to Legal Seafood ever.  I have been to the legal seafood for the very first time this weekend.  I went to the one near the harbor point after I went to Mike Pastry.  I strongly recommend you guys to try Mike’s Pastry if you never tried it before.

Screen Shot 2015-04-08 at 4.43.26 PM

It located at North End which is a great location for food.  Mike’s sales ice cream, drinks, cannoii and other bakeries.  Mike is famous of it’s cannoii.  My friend and I ordered Pistachio, Chocolate Mousse, Ricotta cannoii.  They were very good at the first bite but got too sweet like many other American pastries.  I ordered a cup of coffee after to balance the sweetness.  There were limited seats there.  So don’t plan to eat it there during the weekend, because its really hard to get a seat, better take out and eat it near the harbor point.

Screen Shot 2015-04-08 at 5.20.07 PM

For lunch, we go a little bit towards the harbor point, and saw a legal seafood.  We went in and everything just seemed fancy.  The restaurant was facing the harbor. I would be surprised to learn that our waitress didn’t hop on a boat and grab those suckers straight out of the water before placing them directly in front of us.  I ordered New York Cowboy Oysters and Swordfish Reuben.  Cowboy oysters were so fresh, I feel like I tasted the ocean.  Swordfish reuben was just so-so.  Nothing really special about it.  I did not get why so many people recommend tourist to go to Legal Seafood, it is a total tourist trap.  There are not much special food there and should not be a must try place at many Boston tour guides.

Legal Seafood was an ideal place for occasions that don’t really care about the food but care more about the environment, such as date or short business meet up.

Overall, I would only give legal seafood two stars, and tell your friends who wants to travel here not to go to Legal seafood.  There are so many more places have better seafood than Legal seafood.

Kaju Tofu house

After I’ve tried the food at Hanmaru, I started to like Korean food a lot.  Last weekend, after few hours of wondering around in Cambridge, I went to the Kaju Tofu house at Harvard Square with my friends.  I have heard of Kaju for a long time, but I never been there.  But Korean tofu soup has always been one of my favorite food.

To start off, the restaurant is huge, but the poor interior design was a big turn-off for me. There are a few booths by the windows and more round and rectangular tables in the center of the room. I didn’t particularly like the set up of the restaurant. It seemed a bit disordered and could be organized much better.

I ordered the bulgogi + seafood tofu soup combo, but let’s start with the banchan (a delightful medley of appetizer dishes…usually). It came quickly, awesome. I love my spicy food, so I was immediately impressed by the inclusion of tteok bok ki (spicy rice cake), a rare surprise even for the most seasoned consumers of Korean cuisine. It was good. The potato salad was good. The oi (spicy cucumber) was good. The classic kochujang-dressed broccoli was a little hard, but still good. I was well on my way to a 4.5 star review.

And then I ate the kimchi.

A word about Korea’s most famous dish. Kimchi comes in so many forms, perhaps hundreds, that it’s a fool’s errand to try to find one “gold standard” kimchi. You have to try lots of kimchi at lots of restaurants, and then you’ll know good kimchi when you eat it. But at this place, the “kimchi” was just wrong. It’s hard to answer exactly why. It was…soggy. Tasteless. But it was also sour–and not in the common cabbage kind of sour, the daring of which I can appreciate; it was more like the kimchi was left out for weeks. I felt the cabbage apologizing to me for tasting so bad. It was depressing.

The rice and bulgogi came next. Surely these could not be so bad. But the rice was so bizarre. It came in the stone bowl as usual, but it was so dry and hard, and the hardness of the rice wasn’t because it was burnt–otherwise I could have pretended it was good and enjoyed it anyway. It was also cold.

The tofu soup was pretty good after all.  I ordered extra spicy but it was not as spicy as I thought it would be.  Tofu was very soft and mixed with the seafood flavored soup, eh.. I soon forgot about those bad feelings that I have had at the beginning.  The seafood was pretty fresh, but limited varieties.  There were only one shrimp and few baby clams.  I like the idea of cracking an egg into the soup myself. However, the problem is that, the soup, although still hot, stops bubbling and cooking very quickly. So I usually end up with a semi-raw egg in my soup, which I don’t enjoy.  The tofu soup was the only highlight of that Kaju and I understood why it’s called Kaju Tofu house instead of Kaju Korean House or some other names.

Not long after I got back from Harvard square my room, I was so thirsty.  I drank so much water that day and still very thirsty.  I am pretty sure that they put so much MSGs inside of the Tofu soup to make it taste good and flavorful.  BUT, I will really think about going there again because I know how bad MSG is to my body.

Overall, I would give Kaju a 2.5 stars for the overall experience.

Caffe Bene

I found Caffe Bene long time ago and I was so surprised that they have it in Boston.  I used to go there a lot when I was in China.  Caffe Bene is a coffee giant in Korea for many years, they have stores everywhere in Asia.  But I did not know when they started to target in the US.  The only store in Boston is located next to the inbound of Green line Symphony Station.  The interior design is very cute, even the front of the menu is adorable.  Speaking of their menu, they not only offer coffee, drinks, bread, cake like other coffee shops, but also shaved ice, waffle.

I went there with my friend in the late afternoon during the weekend, there were lots of Northeastern Univerisity students there.  They are very smart to target on students nearby and offers a place for students to hang out during the weekend.  I ordered a Green tea bingso0 (shaved ice in Korean) and a cup of coffee.  They make coffee really fast.  I only waited for a minute to get coffee but took me more than 10 minutes to have a bingsoo!o (1)

Green tea bingsoo was huge!  It has all the green tea shaved ice on the bottom, and topped with nuts, red bean paste and green tea gelato covered with whipped cream.  My friend is Korean and he told me the right way to eat bingsoo is like eating a cake.  Do not just eat one layer at once.  Dig all the way in and make sure you have every ingredient in it.  It tasted pretty good with different textures and flavors in your mouth.  After few spoons, it is too sweet for me to handle.  Caffe Bene is not usually too sweet back in China.  I guess they are doing their best to make Americans like them.


The rating of Caffe Bene – Boston is pretty good.  They are doing a good job and I heard that there will be two other shops opening soon in Boston.  I would recommend to you guys to hang out with friends there and try their bingsoo and see if you will like it.

You are more than welcome to comment below and tell me how you feel about Caffe Bene!

First time visiting Hanmaru

I was really bored last Saturday and decided to explore a new place to eat.  I personally don’t like to find new restaurants by myself or go to any places without anyone advising me to, and I always go to same places to eat and order the same food.  It was a day for food adventure!  It was so HARD to decide where to eat when you are free to choice and have no options at all.  All the sudden I wanted to try some Korean food at Allston.  The Harvard Ave at Allston is the heaven of Korean food lovers.  There is a street full of different kinds of Korean restaurants.  As I walking by, there were places for tofu soup, Korean style fried chicken, BBQ and bubble milk tea.  I was in love with this place.

There was a place called Hanmaru caught my attention.  It is a really small place where can only take about 30 people inside.  There was an induction cooker at each table and there are cooking pots, with red soup inside, on top of every table.  It smelled so good.  We soon decided to stay at Hanmaru and try something new.  As we look through the menu, the waiter told us that the Korean hot pot thingy every table has on the table is called Gamjatang, which is spicy pork bone soup in Korean.  My friend has a really big stomach so that we ordered 4 pork bones in one pot and one kimchi (pickled cabbage) pancake as the appetizer.


Kimchi pancake came first and I was amazed by the size of it.  It has a bigger size compare to any other Korean restaurants that I’ve been to.  As we almost finished half of the pancake, I was almost full.  And when the ganjatang came, I was not sure if we could finish it.  Anyway, Ganjatang four pork bones’ portion was very big.  The pork bone was HUGE.  It was literally the size of two fists.  There were not only pork bones but also lots of vegetables, tofu and glass noodles.  The soup base is very spicy and flavorful.  If you can’t eat spicy food at all, don not forget to tell your waiter that.  There are also lots of  Korean dishes that are not spicy such as bibimbap (served as a bowl of warm white rice topped with a raw egg, veggies, soy sauce, and salty soybean paste.) Bulgogi (Korean style marinated grilled beef) will also be a great option for you.  If you are a fan of spicy food like me, this is the place for you!  Also, do not wear your white shirt or any expensive clothes there!  The soup stain will stay on your shirt FOREVER.

If you can’t eat spicy food at all, do not forget to tell your waiter that.  There are also lots of  Korean dishes that are not spicy such as bibimbap (served as a bowl of warm white rice topped with a raw egg, veggies, soy sauce, and salty soybean paste.) Bulgogi (Korean style marinated grilled beef) will also be a great option for you.  If you are a fan of spicy food like me, this is the place for you!  Also, do not wear your white shirt or any expensive clothes there!  The soup stain will stay on your shirt FOREVER.


Overall, I will definitely come back for their food.  Their service, eh the waiter seems busy on his phone all the time and ignored my calls few times.  I looked up on Yelp of how others comment on Hanmaru, and I saw lots of praises for the food which I couldn’t agree more.  I also saw lots of complaints about the service which I also agree.  So I would say those comments on Yelp are very much up to date and the owner of Hanmaru should really take a look at the comments on Yelp to improve their service.  I would not recommend this place for dates or anything formal.  The environment and decoration can only meet the standard.  Take your date to a better place rather than this.  This place is suitable for hungry friends or family craving for some spicy Korean food.dsc_7275

Feel free to comment below and tell me what you think about Hanmaru if you have ever been there and please tell me more restaurants that you would recommend to me.

Lobstah night!


Woohoo! It was Northeastern annual Lobstah night last night.  The school started to have posters about it two weeks ago. I was so pumped about it and keep counting down for it.  My class ends at 3:10 and my friends asked me to meet her at Stetson West at 4:50.  After I left my dorm, I realized that it would be too early to show up at the dining hall and people may think that we never had a lobster before.  We decided to sit at Marino center for a bit and went to Stetson West at 5:10.  On the way the dining hall, we saw a huge line already, the line was at Speare Pl



We soon got on the line and waited.  While we were waiting, the line was keeping get bigger and longer.  We regretted so much that we wasted time at Marino Center before we came.  We waited for about an hour before we even got into the building.  Fortunately, the line inside of the dining hall was so much better than outside. IMG_9521


We got our lobsters right away and also grabbed a cup of lobster bisque, some fishcakes, potatoes, and some desert.  Having a cup of warm lobster bisque after more than an hour of wait outside in March at Boston was the best thing ever.  The soup was very creamy, even though there weren’t much lobster meat in the bisque, it still made my body warm from inside out.  For the cod cakes, the second that I bit them, I know the hour wait worthed it.  It was lightly fried, crispy but unlike some other cod cakes or crabcakes, which could be very hard, and a lot of fudge instead of meat inside.  I tried to with the fish sauce that they offered, it was heavenly good!  I was finally ready to eat the lobster.  The lobster had a decent size and looks pretty fresh.  Lobster that I got was so juicy and meat full, and the lobster meat was very tender and chewy.  I am a huge fan of seafood, and during one project week at my high school, I actually went on a lobster fishing trip, which I got to talk to the lobster fisherman and got on a boat to watch lobster fish.  The lobster fisherman that I worked with gave my group lots of freshly catched lobsters and taught us how to cook it.  I can’t say that I am an expert of the lobster, but I have some basic information for good lobsters.  I did not try everything that they served because there were A LOT, but I tried most of them.  I found the menu of 2015 Lobstah Night on the NUdining official website for future references.  I would highly recommend the twice baked potatoes

Stir Fry Station
  • Whole Lobster served with Clarified Butter
Pizza Station
  • Cod Cakes
  • Corn Bread
  • Boston Baked Beans
  • Tartar Sauce & Fresh Lemons
Hot Entree Station
  • Twice Baked Potatoes
  • Lobster Bisque served with Oyster Crackers
  • Pesto Tortellini
  • The Sausage Man Sandwich with Peppers & Onions
  • Roasted Corn on the Cobb
Sandwich Station
  • Roasted Potato Salad
  • Broccoli Slaw
  • Carrot Raisin Salad
  • Lobster Tails
  • Boston Cream Pie
  • Strawberry Shortcake


I overheard a conversation in the dining hall the morning of Lobstah Night, a girl was telling a guy that not to go to the Lobstah night, because all the lobsters that the school serves are really small and almost rotten.  DO NOT LISTEN!  You never know the truth until you try it yourself.  I am so glad that I did not listen to that girl and actually went.

So, guys, I want to hear your lobster story! feel free to comment on my blog and tell me about your love about lobsters:)


Hello world!

This is my very first post. I am Sarah, a freshman at Northeastern University.  I’m half majoring in Communication Studies and half in Media and Screen studies.  Northeastern located at the heart of the beautiful old city, Boston.  Boston has always been my favorite city, not only because of the diversity and history of the city but also the people and food.  Since Boston is such a diverse city, you will never be disappointed when you are carving for anything.  I love eating so much, nothing can make me happier than food does. I love food in general but if you ask what is my favorite I would say everything that is crazily spicy.  I started to be passionate about food since I went to a boarding school in New Hampshire.  My high school located in very small town, by small I mean my school probably makes up the most population, and if my school is closed during the break, the whole town only have less than 70 people.  There were only a Subway and a Dunkin Donuts in town and all these two were not in walking distance.  So, I had to eat dining hall food every single day for every single meal.  School used to provide school bus for dining out or shopping trip.  There were around 400 people in the school and only about 30 spots for dining out and shopping trips.  Every week after school meeting, the sign-up place was a disaster.  People all trying to get their names on the paper, trying to escape from the dining hall once in a week.  Believe me, it was not a good memory.  For those nights that I had to stay on campus for dinner, the craving of food that are made in the restaurants came and ugh, sad memory.  Therefore, every break that I am going to the city, I looked up on Yelp and planned every single meal of the food that I craved for.  And here I am now, an amateur foodie is writing about food on a blog.  If you live in Boston and you don’t know where to find good restaurants or if you are visiting Boston and wish to get a taste of this beautiful city, please subscribe my blog, you won’t be disappointed.  Please feel free to write down some comments of what food means to you and what kind of food you like.  Thanks!